Dynasty brush sets come in wide range of choices for any medium. Whether you are a fine artist, multi-media experimenter, ceramics maker or multi-disciplined all round crafter, there is a Dynasty brush set that will meet all your artistic needs.

  • Dynasty Sets are perfect for multi-media applications.

  • These sets are suited for all ability levels.

  • All sets are packaged in a reusable brush wallet.

  • Created from a variety of the most popular Dynasty Series.

  • All sets are peggable for easy display

Dynasty Sets & Assortments

Long Handle Series Sets

Black Gold

Beau Blanc

Mongolian Sable

Interlock Bronze

Golden Stag



Orange Ice

Black Silver

Short Handle Series Sets

Black Gold Short Handle Sets

Faux Squirrel

Faux Sable


Black Silver

Eye of The Tiger


Ink Pastel Chalk


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