Faux Finishing

Whether you are using glazes and oil based stains, acrylics, specialty paints and acrylic glazes, our full line of Faux Finishing brushes will cover all your faux finishing techniques. The brushes wood lacquered dipped handles not only look beautiful but provide a comfortable grip for the steady strokes and stippling effects synonymous with faux finishing techniques used over large areas such as ceilings and walls.






Hair,MTS, Handle Blended Squirrel: Soft, Clear Lacquered Wood
Black Gold: Medium, Short Two Toned Lacquered Wood
Faux Squirrel: Strong Tip, Soft Coated Matte Silver Wood
Medium Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors
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  • These brushes are made to create faux finishes with ease
  • Unique brush shapes and patented designs are ideal for creating distinctive designs


Faux Finishing Brushes

Item# Style Size
21825 038B Black Bristle Oval Sash 2
21826 038B Black Bristle Oval Sash 4
21827 038B Black Bristle Oval Sash 6
21831 216AW White Bristle Flat *Wave® 2"
21835 1040 White Bristle Flat Grainer Extra Long 1"
21836 1040 White Bristle Flat Grainer Extra Long 2"
21840 1862W White Bristle Flat Grainer - 2 2"
21841 1862B Black Bristle Flat Grainer - 2 2"
21842 1862G Gray Bristle Flat Grainer - 2 2"
21845 1422 OVAL Bristle & Ox Blend Oval 2"
21846 1422 Flat Bristle & Ox Blend Flat 2"
21847 1422 Angle Bristle & Ox Blend Angle 2"
21850 279F Sable Synthetic Flat 2"
21851 2790 Sable Synthetic Oval 2"


Oval Sash

Flat Wave

Flat Finger Grainer

Sable Synthetic

Flat Grainer Extra Long

Angle Bristle & Ox Blend

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