Duets from Dynasty

  • The Tango – Uses synthetic sable blend
  • The Fox Trot – Uses synthetic squirrel blend
  • The Salsa – Tuxedo (black and white) synthetic blend and multi-diametered synthetic
Hair Synthetic Sable
Synthetic Squirrel
Synthetic Tuxedo (Black & White)
Synthetic Multi-Diameter
MTS Synthetic Sable - Soft/Medium
Synthetic Squirrel - Strong Tip
Synthetic Tuxedo - Strong
Synthetic Mulit-Diameter - Medium
Handle Short White Lacquered White Birch
Medium Multi-Media
Rating Brush Rating


  • Patented brush shapes for unique design opportunities
  • Double-ended brushes offer variations and fluidity in brush strokes
  • Trilingual projects available with each package.
  • Each set is peggable for easy display


Duets by Dynasty

Item# Series Style
37045 DSFB-1001 Duet The Tango - Filbert-6; Round-4
37046 DSFB-1001 Duet The Tango - Flat-8; Dagger-1/4”
37047 DFSQ-2001 Duet The Fox Trot - Wave-12; Angle-3/8”
37048 DFSQ-2001 Duet The Fox Trot - Wave Angle-1/4”; Flat-4
37049 DFSQ-2001 Duet The Fox Trot - Round-2; Rigger-2
37050 DBGW-3001 Duet The Salsa - Fountain-4; Angle-Large
37051 DBGW-3001 Duet The Salsa - Whale’s Tail-1/2”; Angle-Small
37052 DBGW-3001 Duet The Salsa - Wave-8; Point-Large

Different project lessons in each individual package!

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