Glass Art

Glass Art

Hair Camel, Taklon, Nylon
MTS Soft
Handle Short Dowel-Shaped White Birch Dark Gray Lacquered Finish
Medium Glass Paint
Rating Brush Rating


  • Glass Art brushes are specifically designed to apply paint to glass without streaks.
  • Perfect for light handed work required for glass.
  • Packaged with card in peggable sleeve for easy display

Individually packaged in peggable carded sleeve


Glass Paint Open Stock



Style Item# Size
Camel Hair Flat 23800 1/8”
Camel Hair Flat 23801 1/4”
Camel Hair Flat 23802 3/8”
Camel Hair Round 23805 1
Camel Hair Round 23806 3
Camel Hair Round 23807 5
Golden Nylon Liner 23810 10/0
Golden Nylon Liner 23811 1
Golden Taklon Tooth 23815 1/4”
Smudger 22090 Small
*Wave® Angle 22091 1/4”
Mini-Liner 22092 Mini
Stylus 22093 N/A

Camel Hair Flat Glass Paint Brush

Camel Hair Round Glass Paint Brush

Golden Nylon Liner – Mini Liner – Stylus

Golden Taklon Tooth – Smudger – Wave Angle

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