Stencil Pro

Stencil Pro

Stencil Pro

The Stencil Pro brushes were created from a unique blend of synthetics that perfectly mimic the strength of traditional bristle with a soft flag on the working end of the brush. These brushes hold and distribute color fluidly and easily allowing for softer more subtle color transitions. Stencil Pro works effortlessly on fabric, wood, metal, paper or any surface of your choosing. Seamless brass ferrules that are double crimped to a bright red dowel handle, makes this collection look as beautiful as it performs. The brushes are available in seven sizes and all brushes are assembled in the USA.

For: Stencil Paints, Acrylics

Hair White
MTS Strong
Handle Red Lacquered Finish
Medium Stencil Paint and Acrylic
Rating Brush Rating


  • All the Dynasty Stencil brushes are made with the tip of the bristle preserved which provides a uniform, streak free stencilling experience.
  • Red Laquered Handle


Dynasty Stencil Pro

Description Item # UPC
Dynasty Stencil Pro 1/4" 27910 018376279104
Dynasty Stencil Pro 3/8" 27911 018376279111
Dynasty Stencil Pro 1/2" 27912 018376279128
Dynasty Stencil Pro 5/8" 27913 018376279135
Dynasty Stencil Pro 3/4" 27914 018376279142
Dynasty Stencil Pro 1" 27915 018376279159
Dynasty Stencil Pro 1 1/4"" 27916 018376279166
Stencil Pro by Dynasty

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