Ink • Pastel • Chalk

Ink • Pastel • Chalk

Dynasty’s versatile I.P.C brushes are perfect for decorative painters and mixed media artists to create special techniques. The shorter length, balanced handles allow for easy manipulation of both paint and chalk. The Blenders and Foam brushes help to create a variety of textures and special effects with a variety of mediums. The fullbodied flats hold a reserve of liquid that can be use for cleaning up edges.

For: Inks, Pastels, Chalks

Hair Variety of Natural Hair & Sponges
MTS Assorted
Handle Satin Black Dowel White Birch
Medium Inks, Pastels & Chalks
Rating Brush Rating


  • The Angle Fan is a patented design by Dynasty/FM Brush Company
  • The Pointed Blender is a unique brush that is extra strong yet has a soft tip.
  • Multi-purpose program that can work well with a variety of mediums and surfaces


Ink • Pastel • Chalk • Open Stock

Ink - Pastel - Chalk OPEN STOCK
Style Series item#
Small Point Blend Series 1 23580
Medium Point Blend Series 1 23581
Large Point Blend Series 1 23582
Small Flat Blend Series 2 23583
Medium Flat Blend Series 2 23584
Large Flat Blend Series 2 23585
Large Soft Oval Series 3 23586
Medium Deerfoot Blender Series 4 23587
Medium Soft Flat Top Series 5 23588
Medium Angle Fan Series 6 23589
Small Oval Foam Series 7 23590
Large Oval Foam Series 7 23592
Small Detailer Foam Series 8 23593


Ink • Pastel • Chalk •  Sets


Set-A • Set-B • Set-C

Ink.Pastel.Chalk SETS
Set Item Contents
Set A 23595 Large Point, Small Point Blend, Small Oval Foam (1 ea)
Set B 23596 Large Bland, Small Blend, Detail Foam (1 ea)
Set C 23597 Large Soft Oval, Medium Soft Flat Top, Medium Angle Fan (1 ea)

Ink • Pastel • Chalk • Display Assortment


Acrylic Display – 3 Tier 7.25”L x 8.25”W x 11”H

Create your own I.P.C Display. Assortment Display holds a total of 48 brushes 12 styles of your choice. Contact the Dynasty Sales Team today and get started right away.

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