Terms & Conditions

To Our valued customers, please review the following terms and conditions regarding existing and future purchase orders submitted to the FM Brush Company:

  1. POs with missing information are held until all information can be verified; this delays your order and increases
    your lead time.
  2. POs can not be processed by our system without FM Item numbers. This is a major cause in the delay of your
    order. If you are not aware of your item numbers, please review the attached confirmation and ask your sales rep
    or customer service for a complete item listing.
  3. POs with YOUR item numbers or YOUR descriptions only may not be processed accurately. If you submit a PO
    without FM Item numbers, FM Brush will use your your PO information, assign the FM item numbers to the best
    of our ability and notify you via this confirmation. If there are errors in this confirmation, you must contact us
    within 48 hours of this confirmation receipt to make appropriate changes or cancel the PO.
  4. Changes to the specifications or the Bill of Material for a make to order product WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED on PO’s.
    If you wish to change the specification or the materials for your product, you must receive a new FM Item number
    and then submit the order with the new FM Item Numbers.
  5. Returns must be made with using an RMA number, without exception. Please contact Customer Service to obtain
    this number.
  6. All made-to-order items are considered final sale. Returns will not be accepted and credits will not be issued.
  7. The lead time on a custom order is 8-10 weeks and 1-2 weeks on stocked finished goods. Please contact Customer
    Service after these time periods to inquire about a delinquent order.
  8. Mixed orders (manufactured and finished goods) will have a 6-8 week lead time. Please note that backorders will
    be shipped ASAP from the original input date.
  9. FM Brush products are supplied with the appropriate Country or Origin.
  10. Any Claim (not related to incorrect item number, as in 3 above), must be made within 30 days of shipment.
    Please find the FM Brush Co., Inc. Limited Warranty below:
  11. FM Brush Co., Inc. guarantees all products against manufacturing defects. If your product does not perform as
    advertised, please contact our Customer Service department to receive an RMA number. The returned item will
    be evaluated. If your warranty claim is valid, the item will be replaced (at no charge) or credit will be issued.
  12. FM Brush Co., Inc. is not responsible for products damaged through misuse. Misuse includes, but is not limited to,
    soaking brushes/handles in water, mineral spirits, harsh chemicals, etc., subjecting brushes/handles to solvents,
    banging metal ferrules on hard surfaces, tugging on brush fibers, modifying brush head shape or trim length,
    modifying handles, subjecting brush components to extreme heat or cold, general use of the product in any way
    other than advertised, or any damage caused by intentional abuse of the product. Items subjected to normal
    wear and tear are not covered by this warranty.
  13. Please note: Because our products are handmade, minor variations may occur. This is normal. Minor cosmetic
    variations do not constitute defects.
  14. FM Brush complies with United States federal and E.U. Toy Safety tandards. We cannot guarantee compliance
    with state, local, and municipal regulations and ordinances.

FM Brush Co., Inc. Confidential Copyright 2019

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