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Our Urban FX wholesale paintbrushes feature synthetic bristle material that works best over smooth surfaces such as metal, drywall, and tile. As your innovative paintbrush manufacturer, Dynasty Brush Company is proud to create superior synthetic features and brush designs that you will not find anywhere else. Our unique designs elevate the artist into reaching new heights of creativity. It is our mission to help artists achieve their goals by offering products that produce quality work.

Natural Bristle which works best for painting mural, concrete, and brick. With its densely-packed ferrule, it allows for a continuous flow with a tremendous amount of paint creating a smooth flow over the rough surfaces and a good fill between the cracks because of the strength of its bristles.

Whether you are seeking synthetic paintbrushes or a watercolor paint set, we offer many different collections that are sure to meet your artistic needs. When it comes to finding your niche and your favorite medium in art, Dynasty Brush is happy to be your artistic partner. If you are interested in learning more about other brush collections, contact us today at 1 (718) 821-5939. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our products.

Hair Synthetic Material & White Bristle
MTS Synthetic-Medium & White Bristle-Strong
Handle Long Artist Soft-Coated Assorted Neon Lacquered White Birch
Medium Multi-Media
Rating Brush Rating


  • Urban FX handles have a rubberized coating for a comfortable feel and non-slip grip for painting in all conditions.
  • Patented designs for creating special effects
  • Two types of material, Synthetic Material & White Bristle for use with different mediums and surfaces


Urban FX Display Assortment

Item # Description Quantity
35325 Bristle Small Floater 4 (ea.)
35326 Bristle Medium Floater 4 (ea.)
35327 Bristle Large Floater 4 (ea.)
35328 Bristle Small Joiner 4 (ea.)
35329 Bristle Medium Joiner 4 (ea.)
35330 Bristle Large Joiner 4 (ea.)
35331 Bristle Small Edger 4 (ea.)
35332 Bristle Medium Edger 4 (ea.)
35333 Bristle Large Edger 4 (ea.)
35334 Synthetic Small Round 4 (ea.)
35335 Synthetic Medium Round 4 (ea.)
35336 Synthetic Large Round 4 (ea.)
35337 Synthetic Notch 4 (ea.)
35338 Synthetic Saw Curve 1/2” 4 (ea.)
35339 Synthetic Saw Curve 3/4” 4 (ea.)
35340 Synthetic Stepped Up 4 (ea.)
35341 Synthetic Small Devils Tongue 4 (ea.)
35342 Synthetic Medium Devils Tongue 4 (ea.)

Acrylic Display – 2 Tier – 5”L x 8.25”W x 9.5”H

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