Dynasty Brand Specialists

Dynasty Brand Specialists

As a dedicated paintbrush company, Dynasty strives to help artists achieve their artistic goals by offering high-quality paint brushes to add to their collection. Our company is grateful to have the opportunity to work with talented artists that utilize our Black Gold and other series in the Dynasty brand of artist brushes. Our Dynasty artists create beautiful pieces of art that evoke true feelings and inspiration. Our brushes come in a vast array of shapes and sizes to help artists achieve every style of painting.

Whether you wish to purchase watercolor paintbrushes or synthetic paintbrushes, our brushes help you work with all mediums to help you tell your unique story. Our brushes provide superior quality and performance for every painting.  If you are interested in learning more about our Dynasty artists and their biographies, we encourage you to read more below. We invite you to view our gallery including the works of our featured artists. Contact us today at (718) 821-5939 if you have any questions.

Original Artists

shar sosh

Shar Sosh

Rebecca Robertson

Jill Fitzhenry

Jillybean Fitzhenry

tracy moreau

Tracy Moreau

sandy warner mctier

Sandy Warner McTier

laurie speltz

Laurie Speltz

glenice moore

Glenice Moore

deb antonick headshot

Deb Antonick

annie strack art

Annie Strack

miguel rincon

Miguel Rincon

tracy weinzapfel

Tracy Weinzapfel

New Artists

alessio headshot

Alessio Megiatto

amanda noaves headshot

Amanda Noaves

angela anderson

Angela Anderson

anita campanella headshot

Anita Campanella

anita morin headshot

Anita Morin

anna vonelhern headshot

Anna VonElhern

annamarie oke headshot

Annamarie Oke

ann butler headshot

Anne Butler

ashley gange headshot

Ashley Gagne

Barb Bunsey

Barbara Bunsey

beth headshot

Beth Wagner

cindi estes headshot

Cindi Estes

Debbie James

Debbie James

Debra Coules

Debra Coules

donna duvall

Donna Duvall

Donna Harcourt

Donna Harcourt

elaina appleby

Elaina Appleby

Eliana Castellazzi

Eliana Castellazzi

elizabeth mitchel

Elizabeth Mitchel

elisabetta de maria

Elizabetta De Maria

irene art

Irene Mehldau

kathi hanson

Kathi Hanson

kathy murphy

Kathy Murphy

kevin hill

Kevin Hill

Leslie Smith

Leslie Smith

Linda O'Connell

Linda Oconnell

lonna lamb

Lonna Lamb

Lynette Horn

Lynette Horn

marco aguillar

Marco Aguillar

marianne andreazza

Marianne Andreazza

marika moretti

Marika Moretti

Mark Polomchak

Mark Polomchak

marlene fudge

Marlene Fudge

maryjo tuttle

Maryjo Tuttle

maureen art

Maureen Baker

nicole wright

Nicole Wright

tony visco

P. Anthony Visco


Phyllis M Annett

phyllis spaw

Phyllis Spaw

rachel mccampbell

Rachel McCampbell

Rita Barakat

Rita Barakat

Robyne Recca

Robyne Recca

rosie kaplan

Rosie Kaplan

Sabrina Pedron

Sabrina Pedron

val parise

Val Parise

Yvette Perrin

Yvette Perrin