Kalel Quill

Kalel Quill – The Future of Fibre

The Dynasty® Kalel Quill is the latest innovation from FM Brush. Kalel is the first-to-market line of synthetic artist brushes that actually absorb water. The Kalel synthetic material, exclusive to FM Brush, substantially increases the brush’s reservoir. Because of its high capacity for water absorption, Kalel is an ideal choice for watercolor applications.

The fine quality of the brush extends beyond the synthetic. The Kalel quills are secured with brass wire that is then shrink-wrapped to avoid irritation, and the handles feature responsibly sourced white birch dipped with piano-grade lacquer.

For: Watercolor, Washes, Inks

Hair Synthetic
MTS Soft
Handle Short two toned wood handle in clear and maroon
Medium Watercolor, Washes, Inks
Rating Brush Rating


  • First line of synthetic artist brushes that actually absorb water.
  • Increased Reservoir
  • Perfect for Watercolor & Ink
  • High capacity for water absorption


Kalel Quill Open Stock

Item# Description Series Size MSRP
22861 Kalel Quill #000 7000-Q-3/0 3/0 $10.00
22862 Kalel Quill #00 7000-Q-2/0 2/0 $11.00
22863 Kalel Quill #0 7000-Q-0 0 $12.25
22864 Kalel Quill #2 7000-Q-2 2 $13.85
22865 Kalel Quill #4 7000-Q-4 4 $15.50
22866 Kalel Quill #6 7000-Q-6 6 $24.00
Kalel Quills

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