Sabrina Pedron

Sabrina Pedron

Sabrina Pedron



After graduating from hight school in classical and philosophical studies , Sabrina Pedron completed many painting courses, gaining an extensive knowledge of reproductive techniques in porcelain antiques through a course at the Meissen School in Germany.

Following her studies at the Meissen School, she obtained a diploma in doll making from a school in Switzerland. For 15 years she studied various techniques of painting, sculpting and restoration of porcelain dolls, culminating in 2001 with a master’s degree in the United States in San Josè from Seeleys. She won at the first prize in painting for a modern doll and another one from a reproduction of old German doll.

Through this journey she has enriched her knowledge with acrylic and oil painting, attending courses and seminars with US artists and developing her own style of decorative painting through the creation of drawings and projects.

In these years she wrote and published two books on oil painting and one on step by step acrylic flower painting. She also published a video course to teach the technique of American painting wet on wet.

In 2011 she became J-CAT (Jenkins Certified Art Teacher) qualified for oil painting using the wet on wet style.

In 2012 she participated in the 12th International Blue Convention at Verese for porcelain painting, receiving first prize in the category.

In 2014 she qualified for the master’s degree in wildlife painting in oil, pastel and acrylic.

In 2016 she won the first prize at the international porcelain painting competition in Las Vegas.

After this Sabrina started to teach seminars and workshops in the USA and other countries. In recent years she has deepened her study of portraits in pastel and oil with a great master of painting of the Spanish school. She contributes articles to artistic and hobby and craft magazines, and teaches painting and decorating techniques using oil, acrylic, watercolor ,porcelain third fire, and pastel techniques.

She organizes courses and training sessions of various leve lsall over Italy and abroad.

She is currently receiving much recognition with the pastel technique, teaching students in different countries how to portrait animals and children.

She has started to teach online classes through the zoom platform with great success specializing in watercolor painting.

Her most recent experience was a tour of seminars and workshops in Usa, Israel, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong.

She currently enjoys a large studio in Italy, where she paints and teaches her students.


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