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Rachel McCampbell

Rachael McCampbell



Rachael McCampbell, grew up on a farm in East Tennessee and graduated from University of Georgia, Magna Cum Laude. After earning her BFA, she worked in the art Eield in New York City, London, Florence, Italy, Los Angeles and currently resides in Nashville, TN where the nature around her inspires her work. McCampbell is a GOLDEN Acrylic CertiEied Educator and a Gamblin Dedicated Artist Instructor. She has been teaching art for over 15 years in both acrylic and oil and takes groups to Europe and different locales in the US to paint and explore their creativity.

McCampbell is a well-rounded artist as she has worked in many different Eields of art. She has been a fabric designer in Italy, an Art Gallery director in Los Angeles, a landscape designer and a commercial artist doing advertising illustrations for companies like Coca Cola’s Honest Tea, Contadina, FTD Florist, Mattel, Gelson’s and many book covers with New York publishers such as Penguin, HarperCollins, Random House, Ballantine, Simon & Schuster and more.

She segued into Eine art doing her personal work with her Eirst exhibit in Los Angeles in 1999. Currently, she works primarily as a Eine artist and teacher. She does private commissions for clients all over the country and works on large scale public art installations primarily for hospitals and health care centers.

Writing about art and the art world is an interest of hers as well and McCampbell has been featured columnist and writer for various publications and magazines such as Thrive Global, Nashville Arts Magazine and Number, Inc.

She believes in experimentation with art and Einding joy through “playing with art.” The act of making art—the process of it in her opinion, is one of the best teachers. “When I teach, I like to meet each artist right where they are in their path as a painter. We each possess an innate style that is as unique as our handwriting. It’s my job to help uncover each artist’s voice.” She offers free instruction and encouragement through her YouTube Channel: “McCampbell Art Studio” where she often invites friends to her to studio to paint (“Painting with Friends” series) or, alone with her in the series, “The Imperfect Painter.”

Her in-depth knowledge of art materials, design elements and art principles gives each student a strong background in foundational art school instruction. McCampbell believes that, “If you know the tools out there to use, and the basics of design theory, then you will achieve your vision. I try to make sure each student understands how to get where they want to go with their art.”

To learn more about Rachael McCampbell, go to: https://rachaelmccampbell.com/


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