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Lynette Horn

Lynette Horn



I’ve always seen the world in stories. My passion has been telling those stories both in print and in paint. Mainly in print when a part-time job at Michaels brought me into the world of art. They needed a teacher for decorative art classes. I learn enough to get started and kept learning a step ahead of my students. I also demonstrated products for Michaels for about a year. Afterwards I took a step back to really learn the ins and outs of acrylic painting. I’ve had numerous teachers, since my fly by the seat of my paints beginnings and have been painting about 20 years. I am a DecoArt Helping Artist. I use exclusively DecoArt Traditions Paint and Dynasty Brushes, mostly Black Gold, which are perfect for the techniques I use.

I live in Branson, Missouri where I have an in-home private studio and second studio a stone’s throw away at the Southern Missouri Arts Connection (SMAC) in Hollister. Located on touristy, historic Downing Street. I open my studio to the public three days a week, where the community and tourists alike may stop by for a chat and watch me paint. I love to paint portraits the most, both people and animal. I also paint landscape and still life. Many of my pieces and commissions can be found in private collections across the U.S. I’ve had work in a number of regional exhibits, as well.

While most of my work these days is considered representational fine art, I keep my hands trained in folk art and traditional stroke work, so I can teach both at the SMAC Art Center. I also blog weekly on my website about my techniques, taking my readers step-by-step through my paintings. I hope to add video and live streaming this year.


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