Lonna Lamb

Lonna Lamb

Lonna Lamb



I am a self taught Decorative Painter and Certified OSCI. I have been painting for about 35 years and have truly loved the journey. I started out just painting occasional gifts and the love of painting just grew and became an online business.

I live in Missouri with my wonderful husband Arthur of almost 40 years. Together we have 3 children, and 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. My husband and I both enjoy home improvement projects, working in the our yard and traveling. My husband is my biggest supporter and fan! I am blessed!

I have had articles published in the Painting World magazine as well as several online magazines.

I have taught at several conventions and love doing this and meeting so many other wonderful painters.

I am honored to be a DecoArt Helping Artists and love to share what I create with all their amazing products.

I am also part of the Art For Everyone program through DecoArt. Helping everyone to be creative and to learn something maybe they have never tried before.

I teach classes on zoom and have a YouTube channel with over 170 videos.

I also help other teachers reach their students through zoom class events, and these events are so much fun!

It is helping us all stay connected.

“It is so exciting to be able to do what I love! I have met some of the most amazing and talented people through this process, all of whom teach me something new every day and all of them are now life-long friends! I am very lucky to have a great support group of painters close by.”

My hope is to inspire others to find the Passion in Painting! To feel the relaxation and the satisfaction of having done something creative with paint!

Visit my website at www.lonnalamb.com Where Paint and Passion Meet!”


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