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Val Parise

Val Parise



Valerie Parise is an emerging artist based in Boston, MA. She has always had a curiosity for creativity. Her love of photography, has given her an appreciation for the small things in life. Describing herself as always looking at life thru a lens. She also has been a jewelry designer for many years and incorporated her harmony of color into her work. Drawing was a past time since she was small, and now helping her in her journey of Painting.

Valerie started painting shortly after her Dad passed away in 2013. He was a marine based in Iwo Jima. The raising of the flag always held a special spot in her heart. She painted the “raising of the flag” in honor of her Dad. Very first time picking up a brush, she was surprised how well it came out, thus her journey begins.

Beginning in acrylic, then oil and onto mixed media, she decided to take the leap into watercolor and a new Love was found. After she receive her new Dynasty “water lily” brushes she found it has increased her desire to improve. Seeing the brushes are beautifully designed and holds the water so nicely. The points are amazing and stay true to form.

Valerie has taught small classes and has also taken a few classes herself basically being self taught. She has a great desire to learn and grow as an artist. She is inspired by the love of nature and real life scenarios. Her sense of color creates joy and harmony in her work. She focuses on creating texture, color value and light source. She believes that once you tap into your creativity, It opens your eyes to a whole new world to explore


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