Nancy Dale Kinney-Stout

Nancy Dale Kinney-Stout

Nancy Kinney



Nancy Dale Kinney-Stout has painted exclusively with FM brushes for almost two decades. A perfectionist, she feels there are no better brushes on the market for quality and ease of strokes. And she doesn’t mind telling you.

Nancy had gone to college hoping to be a veterinarian, but soon found her true calling was in Art and painting many different subjects. It soon became apparent, however, that her talent and passion were in birds and the floral designs. Birds, flowers and her stories about them were ever more frequently found on her canvases.

That is where her reputation came to roost and in 1975 she started her own company called “Nancy’s Kinney’s Paintin’ House.” It was a start that quickly put her on the scene. As her popularity spread, she was soon invited to teach with many art clubs and groups across the country and in Canada. These classes soon became the basis for writing books on how to paint the things she was teaching in her classes. Today many of these are sold out, but two are shelved in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. She still continued to travel, and taught at conventions across the country. It was in the fellowship with other artists at these conventions that her peers acknowledged her as a “Big-Brush”, a star in their guild.

It was the Corona-Virus epidemic that put all the artistic journeys to an end. But the joy of painting and teaching was still so much in her blood that Nancy refused to stop. She simply adapted herself to a new medium—the Internet. There was a lot to learn and many frustrations to conquer in this new technology, but Nancy refused to give up. One of her first challenges was in dealing with Facebook. Nancy tried to send a picture of a cardinal she had painted but the next day Facebook sent her a notice that her painting was rejected. This pulled out the feisty side of her nature and she talked with a moderator for the company. “Ma’am,” he said, ‘we have a policy that you can’t sell live animals through Facebook.” She laughed and explained that it was a painting and thanked him for the compliment. They put it back up in two minutes.

Nancy persevered and is on-line doing what she does best: teaching Art. She still resides in an old brownstone farmhouse in the foothills of NC where she was raised. She has two daughters and five grand children who she spends many precious hours with. Over all this time, FM Brush Co. allowed Nancy to design brushes of her own that were better suited to paint her style of birds she loves to paint share with her students. These brushes are Nancy Kinney’s Small and Medium Dabbers that fine tune colors in nature onto her canvases that do come alive. It is because of this long successful history with FM Brush Co she is honored to be a part of the Dynasty Brush Team.


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