Marika Moretti

Marika Moretti

Marika Moretti



Dear painting friends, my name is Marika Moretti and I live in Bologna, Italy.

I started painting in 2007 and I never stopped since then! Probably like many others, I began as a student, then a teacher, and now also a designer… but in the end, I always consider myself as a student. In my opinion, you never stop learning, either from other teachers or from yourself…or better…from your attempts (I don’t like to call them mistakes 😊) I have been taking many classes during the path and each class allowed me to become a better painter as well as a designer. A couple of years after I began painting, I started teaching at some of the conventions we have in Italy, while my journey as a designer began in 2016, when I first released my pattern packets. My main wish is teaching and sharing my art with people, what I like the most is hearing someone saying…. “I can’t do this” and then look at this person after the class, with the project done and smiling at me. I usually say, “you could do this, look at your job… you did it!” and this is actually what fills my heart the most! I also had the privilege to be published in magazines like Painting World Magazine, Pixelated Palette, Painting E-zine, Online Painting Magazine and I hope to add some more to the list! If you want to have a look to what I am up to, you can come and visit my new website, where you can find all my Decorative Painting designs and some extras, such as Home Décor ideas and Texture Painting. I also have a YouTube channel with many tutorials (in English too!) and I am working to add more! You can also find me on social media like Facebook and Instagram, where I also host LIVE demos or LIVE chats to talk about new products or new things you would like to see.

Painting and creativity are a journey… and every journey begins with a single step!

So, always paint with happiness, practice a lot, try to learn as much as you can from others, but remember… you are the best teacher of yourself!

Hope to meet you soon



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