Leslie Smith

Leslie Smith

Leslie Smith



A friend purchased a painting class for me in (I think) 1987. The local craft store ad suggested that painting was soothing. My profession was stressful and I liked the guy, so I went. We painted this ghastly blue paper towel holder with stenciled checks and ducks. I hated it, but I loved the feel of the brush in my hand. I have yet to set it down.

I was lucky enough to live near some really great painters, who shared their knowledge with me. We painted in oils and I was delighted that much of the stuff from my day job as an environmental chemist carried over. I already worked with value scales; I had studied light theory; and I was comfortable with the math that was embodied in perspective and composition.

A few years later, I was asked to teach at a local craft store. What goes around – comes around. I agreed and prepared my first project with as much care as I could. But, the week before the class, I learned that they expected me to teach in acrylics. I panicked and learned as fast as I could. It was great fun. And, most of what I had already learned about oils carried over. Red is red in oils and acrylics. I also started selling my work in the local craft shows.

I grew old, or is it wiser (?), now retired from my day job, my journey included colored pencils, chalks, and many different mediums. I still “play” with many mediums, but always seem to come home to acrylics. I’m now teaching myself watercolors and the skills needed to do video and photo editing. I lead a series of open studios. I cook, garden, sew and try to learn something new every day. I paint. I publish.

My work wanders between fine art, presented on canvas and decorative art, presented on almost any object I can find. I love the humor of trompe l’oeil. I paint on clothes. I am in awe of the nature about me. Faces fascinate me. My Dynasty brushes take me to an every changing world of wonderment. The one constant is my wonderment at how the sciences and art intersect.

The spice of life is variety. I live in a tropical paradise and I paint. Can life get any better?


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