Kathy Murphy

Kathy Murphy

Kathy Murphy



I have loved to paint since I was a little child. In third grade I made my own paint by scraping up my chalk and mixing it with water. My father and I would paint in our basement all the time. He would paint scenes from National Geographic and I would copy Christmas cards. In college I was an art major and took everything from painting to sculpture, art education, and photography. I even studied for a MFA degree. After teaching photography in Denver, I moved back to Rockaway. Then in the ‘90’s we bought a house that didn’t have a mailbox. It just so happened that there was a class in “decorative painting” at the local library and the project was a mailbox! That is how I was introduced to this wonderful art form. I started painting mailboxes for many stores and numerous friend. I soon took part in many week long seminars in Virginia Beach with the incomparable Ros Stallcup. I have attended many, many national conventions and have taken so many wonderful classes over the years. I had joined the national Society of Decorative Painters and a few local chapters. Soon I found myself doing demos and teaching classes for these chapters and found it very rewarding. I love helping people realize their creativity. I am now the president of our local SDP chapter called DAWN. We have many seminars with nationally known teachers such as Sandy McTier and I have made so many great friends. I have continued teaching in chapters and privately as well as doing many craft fairs and commissioned pieces. I have had the pleasure of working with Dynasty brushes and they are a wonderful company with great products!


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