Eliana Castellazi

Eliana Castellazi

Eliana Castellazzi



My name is Eliana Castellazzi and I am known in the world of Country painting as “Elpicountry”.

I am a country painting artist designer and I create my projects starting from what inspires my imagination when I have in front of me an object of any material or according to the requests of people who contact me to be helped to “give life” to an object even old or perhaps no longer used.

My business, which at first was just a hobby for me, has now turned into a job that I do with infinite love and passion.

I love working with wood that I cut myself, I love working with tin objects, with antiques or simply old ones.

In my eyes they look different and I immediately start their transformation through country painting style.

My creations appear on my Facebook page and on Instangram

I actively collaborate with my creative projects with the Pxelated Palette magazine and Pmw Blog and PaintingEnzine and I sell my creations at the Decorative Painting Store

I started posting videos on my social pages with step-by-step explanations of my projects.

My passion then extends to ceramics and in particular to the creation of ceramic buttons of various shapes, colors and sizes that I create personally.

I am 59 years old and I am the mother of two grown up boys. My family is my world and my source of inspiration and joy.

And it is thanks to them that today I can concentrate my energy in this splendid world of country painting.

I started painting in 1999 and day after day I tried to improve myself more and more, to follow both my natural inclinations and to understand what people require.

I love teaching people, I love to see the joy in their faces when they manage to complete a project that at first seemed impossible to them.

I love to go to the flea markets and buy objects that I will then transform with my creativity.

I love to participate in Italian fairs where I can explain and sell my projects and also take courses with people who want to learn the use of the country painting technique.

This is my world and the people I meet help me to boost my creativity and see things in a really positive way.


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