Elaina Appleby

Elaina Appleby

Elaina Appleby



Like most artists I remember coloring and making things from a very young age. Creativity makes my happy! I’m so thankful that in my life I’ve been able to make art in abundance. There are lots of avenues to take in the world of art and I was lucky enough to have a friend teach me about Decorative Painting. This form of art can be learned. I love to share my projects and skills with anyone that is willing to learn. My favorite part of teaching is when a student is finished, and they are astonished with their accomplishment.

At one point in my career, I had large open studios with students five days a week. That time was so very rewarding. I enjoy every day of teaching and learning. That time is past, but I’ve taken what was learned and use it in my designs.

I live in the small village of Aullville in Missouri USA. where I have a wonderful home studio to create in. I am a DecoArt Helping Artist and thanks to Viking Woodcrafts I have been selected as one of their Exclusive Designer’s and Stamp/Stencil Designer’s as well. Most of my time in the studio is spent working for the painting industry. Watch for my work throughout the internet, art magazines, e-zines and other publication. You may even find one of my past, out of print books! “How Delicious”, “Kids Can Paint” and “Kids Luv to Paint”


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