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We all have stories about our dreams when were kids and what we wanted to be when we grew up. Ever since I was a little girl, I had colored pencils and crayons tucked in my apron pocket and was always looking scraps of paper. I remember drawing on the packaging inserts from the silk stockings my grandma would bring home from RH Stern in Boston.

I was always sketching ladies’ clothes and I even gave my Barbie a new wardrobe! That love of clothes led to majoring in Fashion Illustration, graduating from Syracuse University and the rest is history.

It’s funny how one thing leads to another. Sketching clothes sparked my love of French Fashion which let to French woman’s portraits. I remember walking all over NYC, applying at many fashion houses, and after more interviews than I can count, I finally landed a job as a fashion designer. That was years ago, and the artist in me has turned to another true love, painting. My painting is an expansion of my personality which I transfer with colors onto any surface that speaks to me.

I have a special affinity to antiques, so when am not painting on canvas, I’m working on some old treasure that needs a flourish with my own spin. There’s a world of romance and beauty in all I see, and I bring that to my art. My style has been described as romantic shabby chic which is what I portray in my work and my colors reflect the soft palettes reminiscent of French Impressionists.

Currently I call home Florida, a long way from my Northeast roots. I’m proud and elated that my art has found homes all over the world and I’ve been blessed to be featured in many publications.

Thank you for visiting my site! My hope is that you fall in love with one of my creations and it finds a corner in your home! If you have a vision of something unique, contact me as much of my work are commission pieces.

Peace and Light,

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