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Anna Von Elhern

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Anna Von Elern is a watercolor artist born and raised by the sea at the Swedish west coast. This influences her artwork; she loves to paint the salty sea; the crabs and lobsters and the hard warm granite rocks. She is also an appreciated flower painter. 

For 25 years she has been running her dental private practice but from now on she’s not working as a dentist any longer and can dedicate more time for watercolor. 

Anna has had several exhibitions in Sweden but also in Norway and Denmark.   

She is the leader for the Nordic Countries in Fabrianoin Acquarello in 2020-2021. 

She has been representing the Nordic Watercolor Society at the European Confederation of Watercolor Societies ( ECWS) in Avignon; France in 2016 and in Estonia in 2019. 

In 2017 Anna opened ” Galleri von Elern” in her home town where she mostly holds her classes. 

Besides her watercolors you can also find her unique and popular interior design details – to which she uses her art work – such as cutting boards; coasters; kitchen towels, aprons and pillow cases. From here she also  sells Dynasty brushes to all Nordic Countries.


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