Annamarie Oke

Annamarie Oke

Annamarie Oke



Annamarie has been exploring her artistic passion for 28 years. Born and raised in corner Brook, Newfoundland Canada, where she still lives with her cat Simona and spends her time when not traveling or teaching in her studio where she still offers classes. She has taught throughout Canada and the United States travel teaching to chapters, Trade Shows, conventions and retreats, most recently CREATIVATIN in Phoenix.

Acrylics, oils, charcoal and mixed media are only a few of her mediums that she loves to play with and design with. She has been a Pebeo product Specialist for 8 years and now a Dynasty Brand Specialist! She loves nothing better then to see the gleam on students faces when she is demonstrating her specialty Dynasty brushes with so many new techniques.

Her unique style brings a Europeon feel to her work. Having the opportunity to be in Italy the past two years, her inspiration and passion have grown even more! Her love for Art journaling came to life while in Tuscany, Venice and Rome… Annamarie has been designing her own pattern packets for a few years and just recently have had the chance to be one of five designers in a book. Annamarie has also had her designs in Painting World!


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