Alessio Meggiato

Alessio Meggiato

Alessio Megiatto



My name is Alessio Meggiato, I live in a small town near Venice. I approached country painting back in 2005, it seems like yesterday, but time has passed so quickly. I am an artist designer; I create my own patterns and collaborate with many national and international artists. You can find them on or on my website  I have published some of my projects in trade magazines such as Paint World magazine. I am a member of the DecoArt Helping Artist, and I am a Dynasty Brand Specialist I had the honor of publishing my first book “Painting with Friends” together with Terry French and other artists” in 2013 to which I will be forever grateful wherever she is.

Over the years my artistic career has been enriched by attending one-year and online courses with the greatest international artists such as Maxine Thomas, Jamie Mills Price, Kim Hogue, Holly Hanley, Lynne Andrews, Renee Mullins, Karen Wisner, Terrye French, Shara Reiner, Barb Jones, Laurie Speltz, July Santiago, Sandy Strecher, Lynne Deptula, Karen Hubbard, Deb Malewsky. I love all their styles and the different techniques of each of them.

For over 14 years I have been teaching in some shops in the creative sector, or in some private groups around Italy. I hold courses, zoom classes, online video lessons. I love what it conveys that I most love to do. I love to travel, explore new places.

Since 2017 Cristian has supported me/supports me in my creative journeys and is an important part of our company. In 2020, thanks to him, our online store was born Out of wood. We deal with laser cut wooden shapes, stencils, creative materials, colors, accessories and brushes. We work with imagination, creativity and a lot of passion in order to make those who have chosen happy. I hope that one day this can become not only a passion but that it is 100% my job.

Often, my heart speaks through my hands.  Creativity and fantasy may be my daily “addiction” … or the best care I’ve ever experienced.


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