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Dynasty premium quality artist paint brushes are designed to satisfy consumer demand for a higher level of performance. These brushes possess the features and capabilities discriminating fine artists demand.

Explore all the new Dynasty artist, craft and hobby brushes to meet your acrylic, oil & watercolor painting needs.  Choose from over a dozen new brush canisters (long & short handles), our new Composition Assortment Series for educational markets, Micron brushes for your most detailed artwork, new Dynasty Brush Series artist brush sets for oil/acrylic & watercolor applications, the versatile double-sided Duet artist brushes and the Palmer brushes used for simple faux finishing techniques, base coating and textures.

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Black Gold Group Paint

The Black Gold by Dynasty artist brushes represent our flagship premium quality brushes that will satisfy the unique needs of decorative painters and fine artist alike.

Black Gold brush styles and sizes available include art industry standard fans, rounds, brights, flat washes, quills and much more (in both long & short handles).  Black Gold Specialty brushes help decorative artists create unique textures and designs with just one stroke of your brush.

Acrylics – Oils – Watercolor – Multi-Media

The Smartbrush 2™ by Dynasty® is an all-in-one pull-apart art brush and stylus, that works with touchscreen devices, tablets and smart phones. It is made with specially treated fibers that are conductive, which are recognized by capacitive screens and touchscreens. It is the perfect size for on the go or at home.

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Artwork by our featured artists, painted with Dynasty and Black Gold artist brushes.

Are you a Fine Artist, Decorative Painter, Plein Air Artist ? No matter what your area of focus we are convinced that you will be able to create extraordinary works of art just as our Dynasty Artists have been able to achieve around the world with our Dynasty/Black Gold artist brushes.  We invite you to immerse yourself in the exquisite art work of Glenice Moore, Jill Fitzhnery, Miguel Rincon, Shar Sosh, Tracy Moreau, Irena Mehldau and many more artists.

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